Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I don't understand...

I don't understand why there are days when you can feel like superwoman and run 9 miles and then, there are other days you struggle through two miles. Today, I ran...and that's not jog, that's not walk...that's RAN 9 miles. The average was 12 minutes and 13 seconds which is pretty damn good for me. I have to say, I did not know if I could even finish the 9 miles with walking included.

The running was relatively easy today. And it was outside with wind and rain. I also had my iPhone while it was raining so I was a little nervous. I brought my hand inside my t-shirt and it looked like I had only one arm. Several people passed me with that "Wow, I'm so impressed by that person who has it worse than I do." I let them think I had one arm.

Speaking of sappy stories of people who exercise and inspire millions, the Hartford Marathon Foundation asked me if I had a story. I mean everyone has a story, so I said yes. Apparently they weren't looking for my story.

After I received the initial email, I told Hartford Marathon Foundation about my blog and my apparently insignificant story, and this is what I got back:

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for sharing your story! I'll be in touch should any media be interested in speaking with you.

Good luck with the training!

Although, this woman who emailed me is very nice, I think she sees that no, there is no story here. At least no story that would send chills down someone's spine or make an overly-sensitive woman...or man...cry out of such inspiration. So I believe you will be my only media for the rest of this experience...

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