Thursday, June 24, 2010

Why did I become a teacher?

5 Miles. 59 minutes, 26 seconds. 92 Degrees. Shit was weak!

Today was the first challenging run. I headed out this morning all on my lonesome with only my iPhone. My iPod was dead, so all I had was the music of my iPhone. The music on my iPhone sucks. I was going back and forth between Rascal Flatts, Michael Buble, Hootie and the Blowfish, and Weezer. Unfortunately, I have about 8 songs on my iPhone, and about half of those songs are sappy love songs. I'm sorry but it gets a little difficult to motivate yourself to the lyrics of "I melt every time you look at me that way..."

As a result of this lack of music, I knew I had to put my game face on. So I ran. At first it was easy, and then it got hard, but then I kept going and it was easy again. The second time it got hard, I wanted to kill myself. But then it got easy again. My body was on a flippin roller coaster trying to decide if I was having a difficult time or finding this run relatively easy.

Luckily the third or fourth time it got hard, I came upon a huge distraction. And by huge, I mean a neighborhood full of multi-million dollar mansions. I live in Farmington right now and if you are unaware, Curtis Jackson also lives or did live in Farmington at one point. 50 Cent, aka Curt, makes millions of dollars because he can spit a rhyme. Yeah I said it, spit a rhyme. He lives in this town, so you can only imagine the type of house he lives in. Well, the street I was running on had those types of houses. Actually I couldn't run on those streets because they are "Private."

As I'm running on the side street, I'm thinking, "Why in the hell did I become a teacher?" I mean, I drive a Toyota Camry, so every time a Lexus, LandRover, Audi, or a BMW drove by, I threw up a little in my mouth. It could have been the humidity, plus the distance running, but I think it was mostly my disgust (aka jealousy) of the cars that were ever-so-politely driving past me.

So as I'm passing these cars, passing runners and bikers with matching Under Armour outfits, and passing dogs with more expensive pedicures than myself, I'm asking myself: why the hell did I become a teacher?

And then it hit me...I'm leisurely running (soooo not a leisure run) at 11:00am on a Thursday. And after, I jumped in the pool for a bit.

That is why I became a teacher.

So to all you teachers out there, congratulations! Enjoy these next couple of months as much as I'm going to. I may be running, but I'm still hoping this turns into an addiction, which people say it does. I mean for someone who hates running with a passion, if I can at least like it, I'll be happy.

But yes, that is why those 9:00 teacher nights are worth it. I get to do whatever the hell I would like for the next 2.5 months. Holler to that!

Side note: I was telling my mom how I'm so happy I started to write this blog. I honestly feel like it's gonna keep me going until October 9 because now that people know I'm doing this, I feel like I have to keep up the blog, which makes me have to keep up the training so I have something to write about. Then my mom said, "Yeah, it's kind of like those weight loss meetings."

And I realized, it's soooooooo not like those weight loss meetings. At such institutions, you pay $100 to have some stranger weigh you and then tell you that taking off your shoes isn't going to make a difference in the amount of weight you lost. And if you're lucky enough to have actually lost a pound, or possibly two, you get a sticker! Now, I realize how exciting it is for my 8 year olds to get a sticker, but those stickers are about 5 cents a pop. Is it really worth the membership price of about $50 a month for a sticker?! What the front door, I ask you. No, it is not.

To those people that go to those meetings, if stickers motivate you, good for you. (I do question your intelligence, however.) And for those of you who are not motivated by a sticker, start a blog.

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