Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hey CT, FL called...they want their weather back....

I hate running. Running is weak.

Today proved how much of a non-runner I am. I decided to sleep in during the cooler hours of the day only to leave my condo for my run at 11:00am, which didn’t end until 12:30pm, which means I “ran” for one of the hottest hours of the day. Does anyone know what the humidity was today? Oh I do…it was hot. It was so hot the air legit felt wet.

I also decided that it would be great to attempt a 6 mile run on Route 6. If you know Route 6, you know that it is a road FILLED with every kind of shopping plaza/store possible. I thought running this road would be a great idea. I’d have so many distractions; I wouldn’t even realize I was running! Well screw that idea! I did have so many distractions…trying to save my life! I was dodging cars left and right.

Another reason why a busy road is a horrendous idea on a brutally hot day is because there are no trees on insanely busy roads. And no trees means no shade. Absolutely no shade at high noon. Honestly, how much of a moron can I be?

I started the run and the first two miles weren’t bad, which is typically the case. It’s that two mile mark that gets me very time. Things started to get bad on that first hill. The humidity sucked ass, but I think what was worse was the two twin blisters my pinky toes decided to start forming. I bought cheap ass socks at Wal-Mart yesterday thinking oh these socks will be great. They’re nice and low so I look cool. No kankles here. Well I’d take a kankle look any day after what felt like my pinky toes rubbing raw. I have two of the biggest blisters I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I haven’t popped them yet, because they kind of look cool. People see them and think… ‘Ooohh I wonder what athletic event that girl was involved in? Is a she a runner, a ballet dancer, maybe a pole dancing stripper?’

The blisters may have also been from the fact that I bought these sneakers three years ago and because I spent a lot of money then, I think they should last way longer then they’re supposed to. Alright, alright! New shoes and thicker socks are on my shopping list.

The blisters were bad enough, but because of the humidity my hands decided to swell like 50,000 bees stung them. They looked like a mixture of my Gramps' hands and an 11 month pregnant woman. That's right, I said 11 months.

The run might also have been hard today because of the booze-fest that occurred on Saturday. I won’t give away too many details, but one comment from the weekend is just so ridiculous that it has to be posted. A friend who shall remain anonymous had such a booze-face on that she thought it was perfectly acceptable to say “Wanna play manhunt....slut?!” to a 9 year old girl. My friend was then uninvited to a party, which resulted in us going to a bar and getting home around 3 am. Well played Lauren and friends, well played.

(This was from yesterday, but because I have no internet I couldn't post until today. So today, is an easy day. 2 mile jog on the treadmill and then spinning.)

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