Thursday, July 1, 2010

Suck it!

My entire body was sore when I woke up this morning. On Tuesday, Mags and I went to the gym. (Holla atcha girl Mags!) I ran two miles and then we did spin, which was fine. Well, actually not fine. Might possibly be one of the worst instructors I've ever been to. I never actually heard someone use the term "Beautiful Flat" before this class. This woman used it incessantly, along with the term "Gimme a small increment" to the point where Maggie and I almost left the class. Her ridiculous spin lingo along with her Puerto Rican Poppi music was enough to make the class feel like 2 hours instead of just one. (Side note: I just had to ask Maggie what the small increment term was and she told me and then said "My blood pressure is rising just thinking about it!" and five minutes later she said "I seriously do not like that woman!") Let's just say it was a painful workout in more ways than one.

Yesterday, I decided to go to Boot Camp. That was a mistake. Don't get me wrong, this instructor is the best. He's this little Puerto Rican guy (I'm starting to notice a theme) and he just loves life and you can tell. He is also in the best shape out of anyone I've ever met. He runs his class as if everyone is in the best shape of their life. Well this senorita sue isn't. Every single muscle in my body is in pain.

And today happens to be a big run day. My program says:

Dist: 5 mi, inc
Warm; 2x1600 in 11:15
w/800 jogs; Cool

Now, I don't think I'm at the point where I can run everything, so I had a couple walks in there, but I still think I did a pretty damn good job. (Cava, if you're reading this, tell me if what I did is acceptable.) This is what I did:

Walk 1 lap
Jog 3 laps
Run 4 laps (10:05)
Walk 1 lap
Jog 1 lap
Run 4 laps (11:09)
Walk 1 lap
Jog 5 laps
Walk 1 lap

That would be a total of 21 laps! 5.25 miles. Now the two miles that I ran were pretty damn good because I was supposed to run them in 11:15. I'm pretty sure 10:05 is the fastest I've ever run a mile. "The Annual Mile" that we had to run in school was literally a moment I dreaded every year. So I was not looking forward to circling the track 21 times, but I did it! And a little secret for ya....after the 10:05, I whispered to myself: "Good job Lauren." PAGING DR. FAGGOT! I know I'm a tool, but you know what, in the words of D-Generation X...SUCK IT!

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