Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Shoes Finally!!

So I finally went out to get new shoes today! After my seven mile run last night, I realized it was time. I was in Bethel for the night and the only shoes I had were my 6 year old Shocks. I ran seven 12 minute miles in those shoes. Let's just say, I have blisters on my feet where I (and probably no one else in this world) has had blisters before. I knew it was time after I took my Shocks off last night.

Now before I move onto my shoe shopping experience, I want you to all take in the fact that I ran 7 miles straight, while watching the Bachelorette. I'm telling you, as long as ABC is playing during this 1/2 marathon, there will be no problems.

In the midst of the torrential downpour, I went to Kilometers in Ridgefield, CT...I highly recommend it. The owner was there and he was an all-around great guy. He helped fit me for my shoes. I first had to stand straight and he looked at who knows what. I then had to stand on this mat that was hooked up to this computer. After that, I had to walk across that same mat forward and backward. The computer then then some computer things and told me that I have extremely high arches and a slight roll when I walk.

We then went to another part of the store, where my foot had to be measured sitting down and standing up. I am a 6.5, but had to buy a 7, because the shoes were made in China. (Sorry Maddy...you tigah now!) He then grabbed the fine pair of Saucony's you see above. I tried them on and then had to run on the treadmill for a quarter mile. Now, I wasn't expecting to have to do this, so I was not wearing a Sports Bra. Ladies, you know what it's like to run without a sports bra. Well, Maybe I should direct that comment to the more, shall we say...chesty, women of the blog world. Let me tell you, that shit is weak. If I've learned anything these past couple of weeks, it's that you need the proper gear to run, whether it's shoes or a sports bra.

I also bought 3 pairs of socks. They are specially made for high-arched people, like myself, and they have "breathability." Apparently that is what I was missing, the whole breathability thing. You should not be wearing cotton socks while you are running long distances. Chris told me he thought the socks were an obvious thing. How is not wearing cotton socks while running long distances an obvious thing, Chris?! Tell me!

The owner at Kilometers also told me he does a free running clinic at 8:45am every Thursday morning at Ridgefield High School. Just thought I'd pass along that tidbit.

P.S. I didn't mind the 7 miles last night and I'm actually excited for the 3 miles today to try out my new shoes. Could it be?! Am I slowly moving toward liking running????

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