Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 miles were hard? What?!

So I had another great day of summer today. I taught my awesome group of Jedi's in Training, had lunch with Pops, relaxed a little, bought an iPhone 4, and shopped for a special birthday coming up. I got home around 8:00pm and did not want to all. I did, though, because Chris told me, sometimes you just gotta push yourself to get out there. So I pushed myself, especially because I wanted to try my new shoes.

Well, the shoes were awesome. Literally felt like I was running on clouds. I was excited to feel the difference between no-cotton socks & brand-new running shoes from 6 year old Nike Shocks and blister forming "socks." And trust me, I could tell the difference. It was amazing.


About .2 miles into this run, the good ole iPod decided to freeze on me. Strike 1.

The downpour didn't really cool anything down. Strike 2.

Crazy hills. Strike 3

The 7 mile run I did on Monday was a hell of a lot easier than the measly 3 mile run I just finished. What the front door is that about?

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