Thursday, July 29, 2010

Who's the ass?

Sooooo.....I'm the ass.

I went to the gym tonight to complete a 7 mile run. There were 3 miles at 11:08 and the rest were jogs to start, end, and in between. Things went pretty good minus two things.

First, my hand hit the iPod cord and my iPod went flying off the treadmill. I'm the ass who had to jump off, almost tripping, to retrieve said iPod. I literally saw two people "secretly" laugh at me and then a third blatantly laugh in my face. He was also on the treadmill next to me in which we continued to run in unison for another several miles. Now in this situation, do I say something? And by something, I mean, something along the lines of "Yeah, I know, I'm the asshole." I ended up not saying anything, so he probably thinks I'm stuck up, but I'm okay with that.

Second, what the hell is up with treadmills at the gym? I'm not sure if it's because there is a "30 Minute Limit When People are Waiting" sign or the gym owners don't want people to pass out, but every time I do a long run the treadmill decides I've had enough at 5 miles. So then when I hit 4.75 miles, I feel an abrupt jolt and the treadmill goes into cool down mode. Then I bump it back up to my normal pace and two seconds later, it attempts cool down mode again. What the front door?! I'm not sure if you've been on a treadmill and this has happened to you, but it sucks. Does anyone know how to make this not happen? Whenever I finish a run like that, after several under-the-breath swears, I promise myself to ask a trainer how to fix it, but I always forget. Then I remember as I try to catch myself and not fall the next time I run. I do not enjoy when that happens.

I do enjoy the new Rihanna and Eminmem song. Well, at this point, it's not new. However, there is something I don't understand about this song. Here are a couple of lyrics from the song:

But when it's bad
It's awful
I feel so ashamed
I snap
Who's that dude
I don't even know his name
I laid hands on her
I'll never stoop so low again

If she ever tries to fucking leave again
I'mma tie her to the bed
And set the house on fire

Just gonna stand there
And watch me burn
But that's alright
Because I like
The way it hurts
Just gonna stand there
And hear me cry
But that's alright
Because I love
The way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

And here are some headlines that have to do with Rihanna from a couple months ago:

Not the first time Chris Brown abused me, Rihanna tells police: report

Rihanna Seen at L.A. Hospital; Chris Brown Charged With Making 'Criminal Threats'

Rihanna's Injuries -- "Horrific"

Report: Rihanna Tells Cops Brown's Hit Her Before

Soooooooo, why would someone who is a victim of domestic violence willingly be a part of a song that is basically about domestic violence. Am I missing something here?

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  1. via RiRi explained her reasons in a recent interview, saying:

    “It’s something that, you know, we’ve both experienced, you know, on different sides, different ends of the table. He pretty much just broke down the cycle of domestic violence and it’s something that people don’t have a lot of insight on….The lyrics were so deep, so beautiful and intense. It’s something that I understood, something I connected with."